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In line with our goal of developing evidence-based instruments that facilitate understanding social inclusion, the project outcomes include the following freely-available publications:

  1. The e-book “Building inclusive societies by promoting social inclusion and reducing discrimination: Theories, research, and interventions” (BUILD)

Developed by our international team of university teachers and researchers, this open-access book presents theories and studies about social inclusion in general, and the inclusion of specific disadvantaged groups in particular.

The six chapters of the book tackle gender equality and the social inclusion of people with a migrant or poor background, people with physical disabilities and autism. Each chapter includes case studies, evidence-based interventions that can foster social inclusion, and additional resources for those who would like to learn more about each specific topic.

  1. The e-book “Best practices for the gamification of social inclusion in online learning”

This manual details how gamification can be used in the development of online learning content about social inclusion, starting from our own experiences in developing the PROMIS e-learning Platform.

The eight chapters of the book start with an introduction to the science of gamification and the main gamification strategies used in developing the PROMIS e-Learning Platform, followed by insights into the development of each course on the platform.


Some other useful outputs of our project include the e-Learning Platform and the applied tools.