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Promoting Social Inclusion in a Complex World (PROS)

Promoting Social Inclusion in a Complex World (PROS)

Soon we will launch the registration form for the Intensive programme: Promoting Social Inclusion in a Complex World (PROS)

What is PROS you ask.

Is having access to a lot of information good? Yes. Can it be bad? Also yes.

As young people nowadays have access to lots of information, they become more likely to be exposed to news from unverified and often undocumented sources. Unfortunately, the big variety of social media outlets can also foster misinformation regarding disadvantaged or marginalized groups, like immigrants, people with low socioeconomic status or coming from poor communities, ethnic minorities, women. Common statements such as “These people are…” followed by strong negative characteristics attributed to disadvantaged groups contribute to maintaining social exclusion and inequalities.

This course provides an in-depth focus on understanding social inclusion and interacting with marginalized groups, aiming to elaborate evidence-based instruments to be used by students and teachers. By integrating gamification into explaining social inclusion of marginalized groups, we aim to make this knowledge more relatable and to increase engagement with the course topics.

Teachers and 30 students from six European countries (France, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania) will participate in a comprehensive one-week intensive program on social inclusion in today’s post-truth world.

If you are a student from one of the partner Universities and this sounds interesting to you, keep your ears open for the PROMIS project.

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